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MIMESIS MUSEUM / Alvaro Siza & Carlos Castanheira / architecture

by usti mag October 3 2010, 16:39 ARCHITECTURE - CULTURAL & EDUCATION





Mimesis Museum by Álvaro Siza,

Carlos Castanheira and Jun Sung Kim   


photo: Fernando Guerra / UltimasReportagens / MORE IN


This Museum is destined to a particular collection of Contemporary Art. It is located in a growth area of the Paju city, in South Korea. The foreseen program occupies one underground floor, two floors and mezzanine. Underground floor – deposits and technical areas. Floor 0 – reception, temporary exhibitions space and cafeteria. Mezzanine – administrative area and store. Superior floor – exhibition area. The edifying volume, defined by bend surfaces in white concrete, growths around a yard, open in one of the extremity. The natural and artificial illumination of the exhibition areas it is, in the biggest surface, superior and indirect.


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