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  Robert Mapplethorpe Exhibition at Grand Palais - Paris

from march 26 until jully 13, 2014


« Robert Mapplethorpe was one of the great masters of art photography. He produced highly stylised black and white portraits, nudes and still lifes. Over and above the erotic power that made Mapplethorpe’s work famous, the exhibition presents the classic dimension of the artist’s work and his search for aesthetic perfection, through over 200 images that span his career
from the early 1970s to his untimely death in 1989. »  See more at:

FR// « Robert Mapplethorpe est l’un des plus grands maîtres de la photographie d’art. C’est avec un noir et blanc extrêmement stylisé qu’il réalise portraits, nus, et natures mortes. Au-delà de la puissance érotique qui fait la célébrité de l’oeuvre de Mapplethorpe, l’exposition présente la dimension classique du travail de l’artiste et sa recherche de la perfection esthétique, à travers plus de 200 images qui couvre toute sa carrière du début des années 1970 à sa mort précoce en 1989.
Cette exposition est réalisée par la RMN – GP, avec la coopération de la Fondation Robert Mapplethorpe, New York » (c) GrandPalaisfr

Commissaire général : Jérôme Neutres, conseiller du président de la Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais / Commissaires associées : Joree Adilman, conservateur de la fondation Robert Mapplethorpe, Hélène Pinet, conservatrice au Musée Rodin et Judith Benhamou-Huet, journaliste critique d’art. L’exposition est réalisée grâce au mécénat d’Aurel BGC/ Photo: Mapplethorpe, Embrace (Etreinte), 1982, 50,8 x 40,6 cm, Épreuve gelatino-argentique © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. 

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Felipe Oliveira Baptista (exhibition)  17.10.2013 - 30.03.2014 at Mude-Lisboa.


The Lisbon Museum of Design and Fashion (Mude) will extend until March 30 the exhibition dedicated to the Portuguese fashion designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista. A retrospective of Felipe's work produced over the last 10 years. Felipe is a Portuguese fashion designer established in Paris. His work is a sober gesture very conscientious and architectural, sometimes radical but always wearable, marked by an avangardist aesthetic . He sublimes women with very simple & modern silhouettes that take their stuff in a past looking at the future, with a classicism that he continues to revisit and call. Just sublime ! "I want to talk about a concept that still wearable and desirable." FOB  



Fashion & Design Museum in Lisbon - Portugal
Museu do Design e da Moda
Rua Augusta 24 . 1100-053 Lisboa

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"Taking a photograph means putting head, eye and heart in the same line of sight," said Henri Cartier-Bresson. And the photographer strove to follow this principle for living and seeing from the end of the Twenties right up to the dawn of the 21st century.

Ever since Cartier-Bresson began to exhibit and publish his pictures, some have attempted to define the scope of this principle as a single stylistic entity. His genius for composition, his ready grasp of situations and his dexterity in capturing them at just the right instant are generally summed up in the idea of the "decisive moment". Ten years after the death of the photographer in 2004, now that the thousands of prints he left to posterity have been meticulously collected and classified by the foundation bearing his name, while his archives of notes, letters and publications are now accessible to researchers, it appears clearly that while it serves to qualify some of his best-known pictures, the "decisive moment" is too limited to give the full measure of his work as a whole. In complete contrast to a unified, simplified view, the Centre Pompidou retrospective endeavours to show the wide variety of the photographer's career, his successive changes of direction and his different periods of development, with the aim of showing that there was not just one but several Cartier-Bressons. While his great iconic works are presented, obviously, if his diversity is to be appreciated it also means taking lesser known images into consideration, reassessing certain photo-reports and highlighting collections of his paintings, drawings and incursions into the realm of the film: endeavours that also shed much light on his relationship with the image and, by default, on what he was looking for in photography.

The first part of the exhibition, covering 1926 to 1935, was marked by his contact with the Surrealist group, his early beginnings in photography and his major trips across Europe, Mexico and the USA. The second part, which begins in 1936 on his return to America and ends in 1946 with another trip to New York, deals with his political commitment, his work for the Communist press, his anti-fascist activism, the cinema and the war. The third part begins with the founding of the agency Magnum Photos in 1947 and ends at the beginning of the Seventies, when Cartier-Bresson stopped doing photo-reports.

The retrospective follows Cartier-Bresson's career from Surrealism to May 68, including the Spanish Civil War, the Cold War, decolonisation and the economic boom of the "Trente Glorieuses", and provides a new interpretation of the work of France's most famous photographer, a long way from all the legends and clichés. Through over five hundred photographs, drawings, paintings, films and documents bringing together well-known and unfamiliar pictures alike, the exhibition aims to present a history of his extraordinary work, and thereby of the 20th century. ©


Exhibitions  / Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition from 12 feb to 9 june 2014 at Centre Pompidou - Paris /  Curator : Mnam/Cci, Clément Chéroux / Exposition réalisée avec le concours de la Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson / credits  © George Hoyningen-Huene : © Horst / Courtesy-Staley / Wise Gallery / NYC Crédit photographique : © 2013. Digital image, The Museum of Modern Art, New York / Scala, Florence / George Hoyningen-Huene / Henri Cartier-Bresson, New York, 1935 The Museum of Modern Art, Thomas Walther Collection, Purchase, New York

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The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first major retrospective of the work of Mira Schendel (1919-1988), one of the most important and prolific Latin American artists. Alongside her contemporaries Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica, Schendel reinvented the language of European Modernism in Brazil. Almost unknown to the general public in Portugal, her work constitutes a major source of interest and inspiration for new generations of Portuguese artists.

Organized by the Tate Modern, London, and the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, in association with the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, this exhibition will bring together over 300 paintings, drawings and sculptures from across her entire career, many of which have never been exhibited before. Highlights include Droguinhas (Little Nothings) 1965-6, soft sculptures of knotted rice paper in the form of malleable nets, and Graphic Objects 1967-8, a group of works that explore language and poetry, which were first shown at the 1968 Venice Biennale. Other important works in the exhibition are Schendel’s early abstract paintings; the installations Still Waves of Probability 1969 and Variants 1977. The exhibition also includes Schendel’s final complete series of works, abstract paintings entitled Sarrafos 1987, that address the body, space and environment of the spectator. ©

Mira Schendel Exhibition from 01 March 2014 to 24 June 2014, + / Curators: Tanya Barson and Taisa Palhares / Exhibition organised by Tate Modern and the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo in association with the Fundação de Serralves - Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto, Portugal / image: Mira Schendel graphic object 1967 Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros © mira schendel estate.


PT// O Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves apresenta a primeira grande retrospetiva da obra de Mira Schendel (1919-1988), uma das mais importantes e prolíficas artistas latino-americanas. Juntamente com Lygia Clark e Hélio Oiticica, seus contemporâneos, Schendel reinventou a linguagem do modernismo europeu no Brasil. Quase desconhecido do grande público em Portugal, o seu trabalho constitui uma importante fonte de interesse e inspiração para as novas gerações de artistas portugueses.

Organizada pela Tate Modern, de Londres, e a Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo em associação com o Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, a exposição integrará mais de 300 trabalhos, entre pinturas, esculturas e desenhos representativos de toda a carreira de Schendel, muitos dos quais nunca antes mostrados. De entre eles destacam-se Droguinhas (1965-56), esculturas moles de papel de arroz entrançado sob a forma de redes maleáveis, e Graphic Objects (1967-68), um grupo de obras, pela primeira vez mostradas na Bienal de Veneza, que exploram a linguagem e a poesia. Serão exibidas também algumas das suas primeiras pinturas abstratas; as instalações Still Waves of Probability (1969) e Variants (1977); e a totalidade dos Sarrafos (1987), a derradeira série da artista composta por construções monocromáticas que interpelam o corpo, o espaço e o meio envolvente do espectador. ©

fundacao-serralves-porto-portugal.jpg    Tate-modern-london-art-museum-logo.jpg

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Bertrand Delanoë (Maire de Paris), Anne Hidalgo (Présidente du Pavillon de l’Arsenal),Pierre Mansat (Adjoint au maire de Paris, chargé de Paris métropole et des relations avec les collectivités territoriales d’Ile de France ) et Alexandre Labasse (Directeur général du Pavillon de l’Arsenal) ont le plaisir de nous convier à l’inauguration de l’exposition :

 « Futurs Immédiats » 34 diplômes pour la métropole parisienne. Jeudi 20-02-2014 19h / Pavillon de l’Arsenal – Paris

Commissaire scientifique invité : Aurélien Gillier

Travaux d’étudiants des Ecoles Nationales Supérieures d’Architecture de la Métropole parisienne :

Youssef Anastas / Benjamin Aubry, Blandine Dupas / Guillaume Baillard Thomas Beillouin, Valérie Dumont, Charles Durand, Raphael Zéphir / Sophie Boehly, Nicolas Bouisson, Julien Pilon / Henri Bony / Sylvia Bourgoin / Terry Bravot / Gaetan Brunet, Antoine Espinasseau / Augustin Caradec / Louise Claeys / Clémentine Debaere, Roxane Monthiers / Aliénor Depondt, Tiphaine Le Bars / Benoit Evano-allinc / Fabien Filippi / Ellen Giai-Gianetto / Peran Guillaume / Charles Hesters, Pierre Martin-Saint-Etienne / Léonard Kadid / Raphael Kadid / Margaux Kervarec / Julien Klisz / Ludovic Legrand / Quentin Le Pavec / Iris Lacoudre, Camille Sineau, Tristan Zelic / Clement Maître / Thibault Marcilly / Elise Moreau / William Parlon, Georgi Stanishev / Renaud Pinet / Baptiste Rouit, Baptiste Wullschleger / Marie-Liesse de Rougé / Jean Souviron / Paul Vincent / Milos Xiradakis.


Illustration : Clément Maître, architecte, « The Ambivalent Life in The Metropolis » © 2013  /

 // Mayor of Paris and the president and the director of the pavilion de l'arsenal are pleased to invite us to the opening of the  exhibition "immediate future": 34 graduates architecture projects for the Paris metropolis, Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 19pm at Pavillon de l'Arsenal. You will see the presentation of architectural and urban projects for Paris by young architects recently graduated of parisian schools.

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ART-PARIS-ART-FAIR-2014-GRAND-PALAIS-ARCSTREETCOM.jpgFrom 27th to 30th March 2014, some 140 international galleries from 20 countries will come together at the Grand Palais in Paris to present a wide-ranging panorama of modern and contemporary art, including photography, design and art publications. The selection of galleries for 2014 goes one step further towards confirming the event’s new identity and direction adopted three years ago: a European fair that explores Eastern lands (Central Europe, Middle East and Asia.)
Alongside the galleries that came as part of last year’s invitation to Russia as guest of honour, a number of galleries are coming in response to the invitation of China this year. The invitation of China as guest of honour in 2014 comes as France and China celebrate their 50-year relationship.

// Du 27 au 30 mars 2014, ART PARIS ART FAIR réunit sous la nef du Grand Palais quelque 140 galeries internationales de 20 pays, présentant un panorama de l’art moderne et contemporain qui inclut également la photographie, le design et l’édition d’art. La sélection 2014 affirme la nouvelle identité d’ART PARIS ART FAIR initiée il y a trois ans : celle d’être une foire européenne qui explore les territoires de l’Est (Europe centrale, Moyen Orient, Asie).
Aux galeries russes, mises à l’honneur en 2013, s’ajoutent aujourd’hui les galeries chinoises invitées d’honneur de l’édition 2014. La Chine est l’invitée d’honneur de l’édition 2014 qui s’inscrit dans la commémoration des 50 ans des relations France – Chine.


Art Paris Art Fair 2014, from march 27 until march 30, 2014 at Grand Palais - Paris.


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The great photography of Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert doisneau, Bert Stern, Brassai, Marc Riboud, Edouard Boubat, Jock Sturges, Willy Ronis, Peter Lindbergh, André Kertesz, Jeanloup Sieff, Ralph Gibson, Franck Horvat, Erwin Blumenfeld, Andre de Dienes Galerie Sakura in Paris. An exhibition, from January 28 until March 16, 2014 named "Les Grands Noms de la Photographie" with photographs signed by the artists that you can buy.

50 Cour Saint Emilion - Paris 12

Here the photography "les amoureux de bastille" by Williy Ronis, and here below "Washington" by Marc Riboud. 


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FRancoise-Schein-project---artist-of-human-rights-exhibiti.jpg Francoise-Schein-project-Subway-map-floating-on-a-copie-2.jpg

EN// The work of Françoise Schein, artist, architect and urban planner, is graphic and monumental at the same time. Since 1989, she entered the human rights on the walls of cities, in subway stations, in the walls of disadvantaged neighborhoods, places or facades of cultural centers, from old Europe to the New World. Cartographer, his work plays with the boundaries and countries, and confronts people with their history.

This first retrospective exhibition at CIVA restores the genesis of a bipolar work, focusing on a géopoésie world – with real and imaginary maps - and with texts to reaffirm the essential character and founder for democracy. Its offers a great panoramic view of urban size and participatory projects of Françoise Schein, but also more personal works, sculptures, plans, drawings and texts that have guided and inspired the work of the artist. For the occasion, the CIVA and Mardaga co-publish a book recounting nearly 30 years of artistic and civic practices.

The exhibition will open to public in February 2014 at CIVA in Brussel_Belgium.


FR// L’œuvre de Françoise Schein, artiste, architecte et urbaniste, est graphique et monumentale à la fois. Depuis 1989, elle inscrit les droits humains sur les parois des cités : voûtes de stations de métro, murs de quartiers défavorisés, places ou façades de centres culturels, de la vieille Europe au Nouveau Monde en passant par le Moyen-Orient.

Cartographe, son travail joue avec les frontières et les pays, et ancre les peuples dans leur histoire. Son travail est aussi écriture : textes des chartes de droits mis à distance, noms de lieux sur les cartes, comme repères indispensables pour le voyageur- lecteur, et aphorismes dispersés en une respiration poétique.
Françoise Schein associe directement les habitants à la production de ses œuvres, intégrant ainsi ses postulats philosophiques et humanistes à sa démarche artistique. En contrepoint, elle développe dans son laboratoire personnel des créations sous forme de dessins et de sculptures, qui parfois servent de matrice à ses grandes inscriptions dans l’espace urbain.

Cette première exposition rétrospective présentée au CIVA restitue la genèse d'un travail bipolaire, centré d'une part sur une  géopoésie du monde - cartographies réelles et imaginaires –, et d'autre part sur les textes des droits dont elle réaffirme le caractère essentiel et fondateur pour la démocratie. Elle offre une vision panoramique grand format des projets urbains et participatifs de Françoise Schein, mais aussi des œuvres plus personnelles, des sculptures, plans et dessins réalisés parallèlement, des textes qui l'ont guidée et inspirée.
A cette occasion, le CIVA et Mardaga co-éditent un ouvrage retraçant près de 30 années de pratiques artistiques et citoyennes.

Françoise Schein sera également en résidence au CIVA durant la durée de l'exposition. Elle y animera notamment un atelier participatif de création et d'enseignement des droits fondamentaux destiné aux écoles et au public. Cet atelier se fait en liaison avec quelques écoles du quartier et a pour but de créer un panneau d'art public sur le thème des droits fondamentaux dans la lignée de ceux que l'association Inscrire et Françoise Schein ont déjà réalisé dans plus de 30 villes en Europe et au Brésil. L'exposition ouvrira ses portes au public en Février 2014 au CIVA à Bruxelles.


Nl// Het werk van Françoise Schein, kunstenares, architecte en stedenbouwkundige, is tegelijk grafisch en monumentaal van aard. Sinds 1989 ‘afficheert’ ze de mensenrechten op de muren van steden in het oude Europa, de Nieuwe Wereld en het Midden-Oosten: in metrostations in Parijs (Concorde) en Brussel (Sint-Gillis), in favela’s van Rio de Janeiro en andere Zuid-Amerikaanse steden, op pleinen en façades van culturele centra zoals de mediatheek van Les Mureaux bij Parijs, enz. Als cartografe speelt ze met grenzen en landen en verankert ze volkeren in hun geschiedenis. Haar werken komen tot stand met de directe medewerking van de bewoners van het betrokken gebied. Daarin is ze uniek en behoort ze zowel tot de wereld van kunst en architectuur als tot die van de filosofie en de mensenrechten. Haar werken zijn ook een vorm van schrijven: goed leesbare teksten van mensenrechtenverklaringen, plaatsnamen op kaarten die de reiziger-lezer wegwijs moeten maken, en luchtig verspreide, poëzie ademende aforismen.

Met de eerste retrospectieve van haar werk biedt het CIVA inzicht in het ontstaan van een oeuvre dat enerzijds gericht is op geopoëzie – echte en denkbeeldige kaarten – en anderzijds op de teksten van mensenrechtenverklaringen, het fundament van elke democratie. De tentoonstelling biedt een grootschalig overzicht van de stadsprojecten die ze samen met anderen uitwerkte, en richt tegelijk de schijnwerpers op persoonlijker werk, op onderling gerelateerde beelden, plannen en tekeningen en op de teksten die haar hebben geïnspireerd. Bij deze gelegenheid verzorgen het CIVA en Mardaga samen de uitgave van een boek dat dertig jaar artistieke en maatschappelijke activiteit op de voet volgt.

Zolang de tentoonstelling loopt, is Françoise Schein in residentie in het CIVA.

In samenwerking met enkele scholen uit de onmiddellijke omgeving leidt ze er een workshop over artistiek werk en mensenrechten waaraan leerlingen en het grote publiek actief kunnen deelnemen. De workshop moet het ontstaan geven aan een kunstpaneel voor de openbare ruimte dat in de lijn ligt van wat de vereniging Inscrire en Françoise Schein al in meer dan dertig steden in Europa en Brazilië hebben gedaan.

CIVA / Centre International pour la Ville l'Architecture et le Paysage

Rue de l'Ermitage 55 Kluistraat - Bruxelles 1050 Brussel_Belgium



FRançoise Schein project - Westhafen station Berlin 2000 FRançoise Schein project - Westhafen station Berl-copie-1

Pictures/projects In order of appearance © Franç :

Françoise Schein- project Paris Concorde metro station walls 1989 1991.

Françoise Schein project Subway map floating on a New York sidewalk 1985.

Françoise Schein project - Westhafen station Berlin 2000  for refugees and deported people.

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Davide-Bedoni-Swoosh-Art-nike-just-do-it-paintings--0-.jpg DAVIDE-BEDONI-SWOOSHART-street-art-nike-just-do-it-with-cla.jpg Davide Bedoni art work "swoosh Art", using classic paintings from 18th and 19 century with Nike's logo & "just do it" . Davide is "a fashion film director, art director, aspiring novelist,impersonator and internet addict" from Milan and this is what he do when he is bored. See more at Davide's tumblr pages.





Work art in order of appearance,

Swoosh Art by Davide Bedoni on :  David_Sculpture (1501_1504) by Michel Ange ( 1475-1564) /

Swoosh Art by Davide Bedoni on :  Narcissus_Painting (1881) by Gyula Benczúr (1844-1920) /

Swoosh Art by Davide Bedoni on :  Pieta_Painting (1876) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) /

Jeudi 12 décembre 2013 4 12 /12 /Déc /2013 18:55


1---edited-by-c-Fundacao-NADIR-AFONSO--portugues-copie-1.jpg 2---Sonho-inutil-c-Nadir-Afonso-painting.jpeg

© Nadir Afonso

O Pintor Morreu”(04.12.1920/11.12.2013)

Born in Chaves (Portugal) in 1920, the painter, architect and thinker Nadir Afonso Rodrigues graduated in architecture at the Higher School of Fine Arts of OPorto, passed away. He was 93 years old. Nadir was 24 when one of his works, "The Riverside", was received at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon. In 1946, he studied painting at the french “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” in Paris, and gets through Portinari a scholarship from the French government until 1948. In 1951 he worked as architect with Le Corbusier, and later with the brazilian architect Oscar Niemayer. Finally in 1965, he abandoned the "painful" architecture and developed geometry studies, that he considers the essence of art. Then, he devoted exclusively his life to the creation of an extensive visual and theoretical work that will be exposed very soon at the Nadir Afonso Art Center. This Art Center « Centro de Artes Nadir Afonso » a project by the renowned architect Alvaro Siza Vieira ( Pritzker Architecture Prize) and built to honor the painter and architect, will open very soon. 


- 1967 / The National Prize for Painting / "Prémio Nacional de Pintura"

- 1969 / The Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Prize / "Prémio Amadeu de Sousa-cardoso"

- 1984 / Honored with the degree of Officer / "Condecorado com o grau de Oficial"

- 2010 / Grand Officer of the Military Order of Saint James of the Sword (2010)/ "Grande Oficial da Ordem Militar de Sant'Iago da espada"

Nadir Afonso Foundation :

10----nadir-afonso.jpg 9---Rua-das-pretas-by-c-Nadir-Afonso--painting-.jpg 8---Memorias-da-minha-infancia-c-Nadir-Afonso.jpeg 4---Chicago-c-Nadir-Afonso-painting.jpeg Nadir-Afonso---photo-from-the-facebook-page-of-the-painter.jpg

© Nadir Afonso


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