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Oslo-based duo Philco Fiction rounds out 2015 with their Heartbreak 8 remix package featuring four re-imaginations of their two latest singles "June 17" and "Talk/Brag." Featuring the likes of UK producer and Låpsley collaborator Draper, fellow Norwegian artist LEIF, Paris based producer Holy Strays, and deep house duo Kevin Fauske & Morten Vee, Heartbreak 8 represents a diverse set of sounds primed for mercurial nights of singing, sweating, and splurging through your choice discos. You can listen the remixes below ! Stay tuned for more from Philco Fiction as they prep the release of their sophomore LP, out early next year via Killing Moon Records. More about the band via the official facebook page here. Enjoy ! 



Heartbreak 8 / remixes tracklist: 

1 - Talk/Brag (Draper Remix) 

2 - June 17 (Leif Remix) 

3 - Talk/Brag (Kevin Fauske & Morten Vee House Remix) 

4 - Talk/Brag (Holy Strays version) 



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