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Watch Rising alt-pop artist BAUM explores coming of age themes and non-heteronormative relationships in the music video for "Hot Water". Los Angeles based sly pop-rock storyteller BAUM shares the music video for straight-to-the-core electrifying jam "Hot Water." The clip unfolds as a coming of age story between two young women - one who is comfortable with her sexuality and another who isn't - sharing the day together before eventually becoming intimate. For BAUM, it was important for the video to portray a non-heteronormative relationship as it's not frequently represented in pop culture or the media.


The video was directed Parker Foster and Chris Alessandra of Visual SZN and filmed around the Haight in San Francisco, which is historically connected to the gay rights movement and a notorious area for bonding/gathering of the LGBTQ community to celebrate life, love and culture. Harvey Milk, an openly gay political leader and activist spent a lot of his time here and encouraged those within the community to foster a cultural understanding of being open and accepting of all people. This is an important piece of symbolism in the video that was completely intentional - Sabrina is a huge advocate of celebrating LGBTQ youth and culture and embracing identity from an early age.


BAUM describes her style as 'natural grunge' and her sound pays homage to her affinity for old school rock music, with her gritty-soulful howl falling in the legacy of retro icons like Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, to modern day counterparts like MUNA and HAIM. Hailing from a family of five siblings, BAUM strives to set an example for her two sisters through her music and lyrics, aiming to encapsulate her experiences as a young, queer woman in the most honest way possible.  + via the official Facebook page just HERE



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