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Parisian producer and electronic musician Uppermost just announced his new album Perseverance set for release on 3/23 via his own independent label UPPWIND. Following the release of his 1st single “Make A Change” with Complex last month, today he shared the official video with Culture Collide. Directed by Joseph B. Carlin, the video features adventurous youth amidst scenic west coast landscapes, capturing the energy and emotion of Uppermost’s maximalist exercise in grandiose electronics.


Perseverance is a 14-track collection that sees Uppermost emerge with the most personal and impassioned work of his career. Shaped by French Touch from a very young age, he crafts each composition with the will to bring instinctive emotion to the spotlight. The album showcases vocalists from folk, hip-hop, and pop backgrounds, and will be followed by a live tour soon to be announced.


Uppermost released his Origins (2011-2016) LP in February of 2017. The 23-track career-spanning collection showcased his deft french-wave touch, liquid disco grooves, and penchant for molten guitar funk and included hit tracks such as Beautiful Light, Reminder, and Mistakes which have generated more than 40 million combined streams. In addition to releasing music via his own independent label UPPWIND, Uppermost has released music through labels such as Sony and Ministry Of Sound and done official remixes for Dada Life and Lemaitre. In 2015 Mercedes-Benz selected Uppermost single “Disco Kids” to be featured in their Formula One campaign.


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