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Speelburg is back after nearly two years with “Noah’s Audition Tape”, a 5 track EP that was written as an actual audition tape for a job in the music department at Saturday Night Live, that most likely never made it to Lorne Michaels’ desk, because the job offer was probably fake. It runs for 9 minutes and similar to his upcoming debut album, plays like a an eclectic Avalanches mini-mix, curated by Beck, James Murphy and Paul Simon.


He says: “A friend of mine in New York is a producer at the Daily Show. She’s one of the coolest people I know. After parting ways with my long-time manager, she took it upon herself to start talking my music up to anyone that would listen and for a couple weeks became my de-facto interim manager. Apparently this worked, because a friend of a friend of hers got in touch to say that they loved the 1 minute songs and videos I had just put online and knew someone that worked at Saturday Night Live and apparently they were looking to hire someone new in their music department. I’ve spent a bunch of years writing pop for other people, directing shorts and writing music for commercials, and here’s a chance to do just that for a couple years and get the summers off to tour and play festivals. I sent my friend everything I was working on. I waited. I didn’t tell my girlfriend, didn’t tell my best friends, didn’t even tell my family. And then after 4 days, the friend of a friend of a friend came back to us and said it was looking positive and I had a week to write 3 new songs, apparently. Cool. No pressure. So I did. I stayed up all week. The songs were super easy to write. Deadlines rule! Then I sent them off. Tried to check in without wanting to sound pushy. And again and again. Waited 2 weeks, three weeks, eventually a month and a half and nothing".


He goes on to add:"My friend started asking other friends, and started getting the vibe the job wasn’t even a thing. Did I get scammed into making a new EP? Probably. So, instead of letting it sit on a hard drive for another year while I release my other cooler stuff first, I figured ‘fuck it’, let it see the light of day and make it my quickest release yet! After all there’s something really fun about releasing something you just made and not overthinking it. Do I really think it ever landed on Lorne Michaels’ desk? Probably not, but maybe? Who knows. I’m gonna go check my inbox again and get back to you!



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