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Just a few months ago we introduced the world to a new Australian trio called dastevia Mammal Sounds Records with their debut single ‘Thinkin’Of’, and we’re excitedto be kicking-off another huge year of label releases with daste’s secondrelease, ‘SOBER’.


“We didn’t anticipate the reception it gotwhen we released ‘Thinkin’ Of’, and it really told us to continue being ourselves in our approach. We do all the production ourselveswhich can be quitedaunting at times, but we always enjoy the challenge and authenticity of being ‘homemade’. –daste


Just like its predecessor, ‘SOBER’ is going to turn many heads with its warm, infectious,electro-funk sounds, as dasteimpress us once again with their remarkable song-writing andproduction skills.


“ We don’t follow any specific recipe approaching each track. It all evolves from a hive mind of ideas and refining them into the mood we’re feeling. ‘SOBER’ came about quite quickly. Pretty much within a day of writing the basis of the songwas done, and we then started doingour thing on the productionwhich is often when we like to take our time focusing on the smaller details. As Tyler likes to say “The ‘d’ in daste. stands for detail.The ideation of ‘SOBER’ isn’t exactly in relation to being under the influence in anyway. I think ultimately it speaks to the sense of, not being intoxicated, but rather, having a clear mind from anything taking you away from yourself. The track speaks to usin ourexperiences, but we hope each person can interpret it differently.” –daste


Whatever way each of us interprets the meaning behind ‘SOBER’, I’m certain it will relate to us all in the very same way; it’s going to make us feel good, happy and free-let’s all get sober and flow with the groove. Press play and enjoy below! Stay tuned ... 



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