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“With Kings & Queens we wanted to create a unique and cohesive sound that blends our influences from indie, EDM, ambient, electronica and pop. Each track has its own personality but they find a common thread in Chaem’s bright vocals, the expansive guitar and synth soundscapes, and the intricate mix of electro and acoustic drums. Lyrically Kings & Queens is introspective. The music wants to take you on a journey inward… From melancholia to euphoria, the gamut of human emotion is all there, waiting to be discovered by listeners.” Flor an the sea



The songs of Flor and the Sea’s debut EP Kings & Queens invite listeners to surrender themselves to the stream of music: to dream, to dance and to defy the world’s tumult for a moment and abandon themselves to the group’s heady stylistic fusion. Pop elements meld with electronica throughout their songwriting, inviting a host of esoteric influences from dubstep, synth pop and trap to join them. It’s a melting pot of style that recalls the work of Flume, Miike Snow or Alt-J. Co-produced by composer Dieter Dolezel and mixed by Moritz Enders (Casper, Kraftclub), the songs are a multifaceted exploration of sound and songwriting. From the lilting mythology-evoking arpeggios of ‘Arcadia’ to the electro propulsive ambience of ‘Dark Minds’ and the bleak dystopian piano keys chiming through ‘Reconnect’, Kings & Queens reveals a restless group with a unique and voracious musical chemistry.  Discover now the second track 'Kings & Queens' from the last EP. Press play and enjoy just below ... stay tuned ! 


1 - A Candid Lie
2 - Dark Minds
3 - Kings & Queens
4 - Reconnect
5 - Arcadia

About Flor and the Sea 

Munich-based indie/electropop duo Flor and the Sea was founded in 2015 as a five-piece project. With the release of debut singles ‘Hold Your Breath’ and ‘Shed No Tear’, as well as live gigs at Digital/Analog Festival and the Muffat Winterfest among others, the band generated a lot of buzz in short time and were featured as ‘Band of the Week’ by the Suddeutsche Zeitung/SZ Junge Leute in early 2017. After the group split up later that year, Marc Aretz (guitar/synth) and Chaem (vox) decided to keep Flor and the Sea alive as a duo. Redesigning their sound from scratch, they incorporated influences from bands like Alt J, Radiohead and Portishead. Singles ‘Dark Minds’ and ‘Reconnect’ were birthed from the rubble and led to widespread acclaim, receiving regular airplay on radio stations like Ego-FM, Bayern 3, M94.5 and BR Puls, and landing glowing reviews on international blogs like Composer's Toolbox and York Calling. Capping it all, the duo performed live on Radio Fritz ‘Live on Air’ for the first time. Flor and The Sea resumed live performances in 2019, while simultaneously producing their debut EP Kings & Queens, and put together an elaborate new program with their own light show, visuals, masks, and the support of additional live musicians. A first taste of this show was presented at renowned festivals Theatron Musiksommer and Sound of Munich Now in 2019.


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