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Gia Woods releases her "Heartbreak County (Remixes)," a re-imagination of songs off her sophomore EP, "Heartbreak County, Vol. 1." The package includes reworks by Dutch producer/visual artist Young & Sick, queer producer Alex Chapman, Gia's frequent collaborator Bosquet, and rising DJ duo Not A Friend. Written from the perspective of a Los Angeles native, Gia's "Heartbreak County" tackles one of city's vices: fame, sex, God, and addiction. The remixes take the original songs out of LA and into a sweaty club rave.

Gia Woods has become an emerging voice in the LGBTQ+ community. In their traditional Persian household in Los Angeles, Woods' parents saw music as a fleeting hobby rather than a promising career. Woods therefore grew up a loner, picking up guitar and violin on her own and listening to everything from Green Day and Björk to Radiohead and Madonna. It was in high school when Woods wrote what would be her first single, “Only A Girl,” perhaps the most emotional song she’s ever penned. Released in 2016, the breathy pop track was also her bold, coming out anthem - to her parents, friends and everyone who didn’t know that part of her before. Since its release, the impact of “Only A Girl” has continued to grow - it’s since reached over 11 million views on YouTube and Woods gained nearly 100,000 subscribers. 


Press play and enjoy below ... stay tuned for more quite soon. kiss 


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