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by usti October 28 2005, 23:00 ARCHITECTURE - RESIDENTIAL

une architecture de glace !!! ET oui ce n'est pas nouveau,pensez aux iglous par exemple mais c'est surprenant pour cet exemple d'hotel, sans nul doute! c'est osé, c'est novateur et on aime bien. a ma conaissance il en existe 2, le kemi en finlande et le ice hotel au canada  /// usti

ice kemi castle - finlandiaHOTEL OF ICE AND SNOW

Mammut Snow Hotel with its arctic surroundings is a unique place. It is an excellent way to experience the coldness of an arctic night. Temparature in the hotel rooms is approximately – 5 º C, but a guest will have a good night sleep in a warm Ajungilak sleeping bag.

In Mammut Snow Hotel there is 29 double rooms, two group rooms for five persons and a suite.

Artistis and designers from the Lapland area decorate the hotel rooms in textiles characteristic to the Arctic cultures. The sleeping bags of Mammut Snow Hotel are delivered by Ajungilak from Norway. Their Tyin sleeping bags are designed for winter tours, extreme climate zones and expeditions. These sleeping bags do not only guarantee the survival of the snow hotel clients, but they quarantine an inappreciable amount of comfort and a large measure of cosiness.




Oy LumiLinna Kemi
SnowCastle Ltd.
Tel. +358 (0)16 259 502
Telefax +358 (0)16 259 708


 ice hotel canada//// ice and snow  to enjoy

 Ice Hotel Québec-Canada © Xavier Dachez



The Ice Hotel Canada at night. (Photo credit: Ice Hotel Québec-Canada © Xavier Dachez)


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