Minami Nagano Dentai Clinic Residence by HIROKI TANABE architect

by usti April 6 2008, 21:17 ARCHITECTURE - HOUSES

Minami-Nagano Dental Clinic & Residence

::: Location: Nagano, Japan
::: Purpose: Dental clinic and dentist's residence
::: Floor area: 273.92 m2
::: Height: 3.75m
::: Number of floors: 1 floor
::: Construction methods: Reinforced concrete structure
::: Outside finishes: Urethane resin paint + photocatalytic treatment
::: Inside finishes: Acrylic acid resin paint walls and ceiling, homogeneous vinyl tile floor
::: Furniture and fixtures: Plywood urethane resin paint finish
::: Date of completion: August, 2005



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