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 Carmen Rizzo
Track: "Travel In Time"
CD: The Lost Art of the Idle Moment

Carmen Rizzo’s portfolio of artists he’s worked with reads like a “Who’s Who” of the music industry. From Coldplay, to Seal, to Paul Oakenfold, Rizzo has taken his uncanny ability to mix and engineer tracks to pure perfection and wrapped it all up in his new album, The Lost Art of the Idle Moment. With its sweeping electronic soundscape and lofty vocals, “Travel In Time” will help you forget the day and get ready for a nice long night.

She Wants Revenge
Track: "Out of Control"
CD: She Wants Revenge
Links: www.shewantsrevenge.com

When was the last time you couldn’t help but stand up and shake it? Well, if you’ve been listening to She Wants Revenge, chances are you’ve been pulsing to the music ever since. With their heavy synthesizers and prominent drum machine, your feet won’t be able to stand still. Their sound mixes punk and dance with a sexy 80s vibe. So, get off your butt and into the groove.


Broken Spindles
Track: "The Distance Is Nearsighted"
CD: Inside/Absent

Light on percussion and heavy on vocals, the retro techno-based vibe of our featured track “The Distance Is Nearsighted” is a kickback to the mid 80’s energy with a hit of modern attitude. Broken Spindles minimalist style focuses on vocals as a way of creating the rhythm, yet the lyrics are still able to communicate the tone and get across their signature style.


Track: “Paper Cup”
CD: We Are Wyoming

Grab your favorite pillow and get comfy on the couch to listen to the latest release from San Rafael-based Petracovich, We Are Wyoming. Lead by ethereal songbird Jessica Peters, the album is hypnotic, melodic, and so dreamlike you’re bound to close your eyes and imagine yourself floating among the clouds. Anchored by Peters’ gentle voice and a soft, relaxing beat, our featured track “Paper Cup” is likewise- simply soothing.


Viva K
Track: “No Better Time”
CD: Viva K

It’s “No Better Time” for sure for the release of Viva K’s self-titled debut album. Influenced by music from the quartet’s international roots, the album is such a breath of fresh air you won’t even believe the group hales from L.A. A mix of punk, electronica, and alternative sounds, Viva K is a uniquely textured, sitar-infused magic carpet ride that is certain to leave you hypnotized. Grounded by lead singer Ween Calla’s versatile vocals, our featured track “No Better Time” is sure to win a spot on your playlist.




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