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The french duet "As Animals" are Zara & Fred, we love their first album (released on January 27th in France and March 3rd in the US/US). As animals we are all ! Great sound, tribal pop rock, very eclectic album for our pleasure. Don't miss them, here below the complete tracklist of the album and the video of their first track (As Animals performing Ghost Gunfighters. (c) 2013 Atmosphériques). The video is produced by Kidam and directed by Maxime Bruneel. We love, we share, enjoy and stay tuned for more very soon !




As Animals / album tracklist:

01 Stampede

02 As Animals

03 I See Ghost (Ghost Gunfighters)

04 So Cold

05 Burn Like a Fire

06 Extraordinary Machine

07 Big Slap

08 By My Side

09 Conscience Upstairs

10 It's Like That

11 Fool

12 In My Head

13 Nighthawks Dropping


+ via the official pages :

+ www.asanimals.com

+ www.facebook.com/asanimalsmusic

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