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ASIA-ARGENTO---TOTAL-ENTROPY-album-2013.jpegAsia Argento album "Total Entropy" with 16 tracks. Very sensual with a lot of different influences, electro, pop, rock, quite alternative and with collaborations as: Tim Burges, Toog, Hector Zazou, The legendary tigerman, Trash palace & Brian molko, Morgan, Fortuna, Archigram, Munk, Antipop, The art of FY, Anton Newcomb. We love the iconic actress and now the singer !


Album tracklist:

1 ours,

2 ugly ducklings,

3 double jeu,

4 life ain't enough for you,

5 je t'aime moi non plus,

6 cheeseandeggs,

7 a radical bravery,

8 someone,

9 sexodrome,

10 vampy,

11 indifference,

12 come,

13 live fast ! dieold!,

14 my stomach is the most violent of ...,

15 liebestod,

16 le sacre du printemps.

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