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' I was in the studio making beats and chopping vocals and I suddenly felt hungry. It was way past dinnertime and the only thing edible in the studio was a piece of strawberry gum. So I tried to gather my thoughts and went straight to the convenience store," Berland tells Rolling Stone. "They were out of pistachios, which was option number one. I was very disappointed and decided to leave as I saw this awesome assortment of chocolate bars next to the cashier. 'A little sugar has never hurt anyone,' I thought."

"So I bought a few and headed back to the studio. They were not as good as I expected, except for this one that starts with an S. This one just blew all my senses away," continues Berland. "I asked myself, 'What is so amazing about this chocolate bar? What does it have that others don't?' And then a miracle occurred. A very powerful light emerged from the ceiling and the Tooth Fairy, godmother of all chocolates, appeared. 'What does it have?' she said. 'Why it's very simple, my dear. It's peanuts. ' Rolling

Here this new additional  track "Peanuts" into the album "By your side" , exclusive for the U.S album release.Hope you enjoy ! Breakbot, "By your side" album / Ed Banger Records / Because Music + infos about the artist via the official facebook page

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