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Earlier this month Los Angeles via Texas native Chelsea Lankes premiered a new original single "Down For Whatever," a track that captures the sound of modern day youth and the eager desire to live in the moment. With early radio support from KCRW, KXRN, and 98.7FM KYSR in Los Angeles, as well as a nod from Spotify in their New Music Tuesday series, "Down For Whatever" is teed up to be the song of 2015.
Today Chelsea shares pop duo Carousel's remix of the single, a heady trap influenced track that delves deeper into late night vibes. You will also find here below great tracks of Carousel.
They are an electro-pop duo based in San Francisco, CA. The duo create a unique sound that combines the drive of electro with the melodic sensibilities of pop. Listen here below "Down for Whatever" remix but also "Into the Night" and Carousel's Palms EP. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more very soon.


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