CLAIRE by Clarian & Guy Gerber / FROM "CHEMICAL GARDENS" EP /

by ARCSTREET.COM February 27 2013, 12:52 MUSIC - TRACKS


"Steadily mining gold in an ever-evolving electronic landscape, the Visionquest imprint gets set to unleash an incredibly special 6-track EP from Clarian - one half of the supreme duo Footprintz. Collaborating with the always-innovative Guy Gerber on the opener, Clarian voyages solo throughout the rest of the EP – a collective of ‘Chemical Gardens’ for a sonically re-imagined Blade Runner kingdom.

Beach Boys oohs on top of Camino 808 lines with Morriconne style piano licks over a zombie meets deep house track - the ‘Chemical Gardens EP’ is a patchwork of cross-genres and moods. The A-side covers ethereal sunrise magic and cosmic oddities opening with ‘Claire’ featuring Guy Gerber - an emotive beauty in which dubby beats dissolve into a motif of synth stabs, sweet electronic melodies and rising waves of filtered vox. ‘Destroy, She Says’ is a haunting dream of hypnotic keys and heavy drums while ‘Renaissance’ is simply a magical set closer that alludes to an innocent era of rave.

Taking the listener deeper into the night ‘Remove Control’ kicks off the B-side with a jagged electronic bassline tight snares and shakers and a powerful vocal while ‘Through Your Mind feat. J’ drops a heavy dose of acid with a mechanical sleazy vibe. Closing track ‘U’ is all about the build against the naked drum groove, moody bass synths and echoing vox. Clarian’s chemical gardens and Visionquest are clearly meant to be and these shimmering towers of sound are likely to remain a highlight of the imprints illustrious cannon. A truly innovative and groundbreaking release, that further cements Clarian’s standing as an incredible talent."  Visionquest records

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