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MR-GONZO---CRAZY.jpgMr. "Gonzo was observed for the first time in 2010, around the giant elliptical galaxy M87. Audiospatiale renowned pirate, it’s during capturing the Magellanic ray of the film "Night of the Living Dead", that he was inspired to create his intergalactic hit "Nightmare". Fascinated by his discovery, he decided to head towards this blue planet called Earth. But after his gravitational approach, an incident with one of his midi robots blocked the monitoring of the landing mix, and he crashed with his ship into a pitch explosion in the middle of the Mansion Nightclub pool in Miami. The shock generated a cosmic discoidal waveform which was so successful that he decided to take control of the sound system. This episode inspired him his first 12’inch "Extended Play Area". "  

(Ep)isode 2
Since then, he has relentlessly continued to appear in the most famous earthly spots, like this Full Moon Party on Mount Elgon or also Galactic Sound Festival on Boracay Island. Production-wise, several artists met during his worldwide tours, like Digikid84, White Bamby or 33hz, have requested him for remixes. One evening, during a Magic Cherry Party in Melbourne, he met a magnificent dancing girl, whose natural undulation made him discover the link between audiomagnetic vibrations of his cosmic music and human body's sensory receptors. he Never had felt a similar cross-frequency on a dancefloor before ! According to the legend, he caught her attention using a squaric impulse, and she said: "I’m gonna dance on you", before teaching him everything about joys of love. It is she who inspired his second 12’inch "Dance On You", reaching the TOP 6 of german club charts, and supported by artist such as Digitalism, Lifelike, The Magician …

(Ep)isode 3
A few months later in Los Angeles, leaving the Belasco Theater, Mr. Gonzo met the singer Romuald (The Paradise - In Love With You), which was accompanied by Alan Braxe (Stardust - Music Sound Better With You). While they were talking pending a taxi, a DeLorean DMC-12 with a mad scientist on board stopped and offered them to go up. Then they embarked unknowingly on a extra time trip in which they witnessed the discovery of America, participated in the Summer Of Love of 1967, and saved our planet narrowly from an alien invasion. Presumably, this trip back in time inspired them, because shortly after that Mr. Gonzo made a remix of “Time Machine” for Alan Braxe & The Spimes and collaborated with Romuald on this new EP "Gon Be A Thrill". (facebook.com/mrgonzomusic/info)

To celebrate the arriving summer here Mr Gonzo's new track - crazy / Free Download: on.fb.me/122QpKz

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