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cut-copy-free-your-mind-album-out-nov-5.jpgCut Copy - Free your mind (album) will be out in November 5 / Here the tracklist and all the album that you can listen now ! So enjoy and stay tuned.

''Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. While the two summers of love were birthed from burdening times, Vietnam and 10 years of Thatcher's reign, they were one hell of a party. Unprecedented explosions of youth culture which tore down the walls of perception through communal elation and celebration. Cut Copy's Free Your Mind creates a fantasy of the next youth revolution, binding the two epochs without the negative baggage. An event told in three dimensions. Turn on, tune in... ''

Album tracklist:

01. (Intro)
02. Free Your Mind
03. We Are Explorers
04. Let Me Show You Love
05. (into the desert)
06. Footsteps
07. In Memory Capsule
08. (above the city)
09. Dark Corners & Mountain Tops
10 Meet Me in a House of Love
11. Take Me Higher
12. (the waves)
13. Walking in the Sky
14. Mantra

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