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DCUP is Duncan MacLennan from Melbourne, Australia. Here's a new tune "Magic" to not only keep you dancing through these beautiful summer nights down in Oz, but to keep our friends in the North warm on their chilling winter eve's. 2014 is going to be a big year. See you there! DCUP

DCUP is a name that’s becoming increasingly impossible to overlook in the rising electronic dance scene. Consistently producing high quality remixes that work their way into your head and remain for days, the moniker belongs to Melbourne-based producer, DJ, and remix artist Duncan MacLennan, who burst onto the scene in 2010 with the explosive summertime hit, We No Speak Americano. The exciting collaboration with fellow Australian producers Yolanda Be Cool on the track immediately put DCUP’s name on the lips of dance music audiences across the world. From clubs in the UK to Brussels and NYC, DCUP also gained high profile status at home thanks to high-rotation airplay on Australian commercial radio and topping the tastemakers ARIA club chart.

+ http://dcupsounds.com

+ http://www.facebook.com/dcupsounds


And because we really really love zik, find here below Dcup's previous releases: 

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DCUP - Don't Be Shy EP on iTunes

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