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"We are the lost generation. But are we the ones who are truly lost? The dreamers, the free-thinkers, the creators. Our hearts bleed but never die." We are the hearts, a song that speaks of triumph, defeat, war, spirituality -- but above all an indefatigable and profound belief in the power of ourselves. It proclaims: "We will never be bought and sold...the future runs through our bones.”
EXGF appeared out of nowhere in June of 2014, and their contagious debut single 'Idle Hands' shot to #1 on Hype Machine's popular chart, to much industry and fan acclaim. Only the collective's Instagram and artistic websites provide any insight into who they are. Documenting the outrageous parties and soirees of an underground culture developing in the hotel penthouses, abandoned warehouses, and rooftops from Los Angeles to Paris. Disover also their first track "Idle hands" released in june 2014, that you can listen here below. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more very soon. + via http://exgf.la    

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