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"This project began with the young artist holed up in his bedroom, utilising a basic set up of “one synthesiser, a sequencer and a couple of effects" to communicate the sounds and feelings he found trapped within himself. This was music that needed rather than wanted to come out, a direct release of emotion. Responding to his own limitations, notably equipment and time, he wrote the album in a brief period, capturing the immediacy of the process and avoiding a laboured or polished sound. Ignoring the confines of trend and genre, Ghost Culture was free to explore his own creative vision."

“I didn't take too much influence from any particular era or genre, but just experimenting, moulding arrangements, melodies, rhythms and words to my personal experiences; what excites me rather than what I think will excite others.”

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Ghost Culture - Phantasy (album) out now / Tracklist:
01. Heartsigh
02. Bodyache
03. Push Pull
04. Repetition
05. Stranger than earth
06. Begin again
07. Dust hymn
08. Flood on the floor
09. Sea castle
10. Stillness in woe



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