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La Mverte - Through The Circles EP

"Her Majesty’s Ship turns to emergent new talent La Mverte for its 11th release. The French artist has appeared on labels like Astro Lab in recent times and has shown himself to be someone with a fresh new perspective that takes cues from Italo disco with waves of metallic synths and muted rhythms all embedded within. This new EP comes backed with a remix from Acid Washed. Up first is ‘Through The Circles’ which is a purposefully slow and wiggling groove that has a hint of dark biker disco to it. The drums are raw and loose and the synths are wide and searching, making for a delightfully cinematic experience from start to finish. Next up is ‘The Rim is Shot’, another delightfully slo-mo swagger that has chattery claps, spikey synth stabs and wobbling basslines all dancing slowly around each other in loose limbed unison. On the flip side, ‘Crash Course’ then ups the ante a little, laying down quicker drums and running them through with more tobacco stained synths and thick, rasping basslines. A filtered male voice beams down from above and brings a dark-wave vibe to proceedings, but La Mverte’s dazzling production still shines through.
Acid Washed, of labels like Record Makers & MB Disco, then reworks the track into something a little more kinked, funky and colourful. His playful version has dancing, nimble synth stabs and hip swinging percussive claps that work you into a dancing frenzy with ease. It’s only early in the career of La Mverte, but on the evidence of this lively and arresting post- disco EP, he is sure to go on to big things in the near future." (c) Her Majesty's Ship

Written and produced by Alexandre Berly - Lyrics and vocals by Yan Wagner on "Crash Course" - Additional production by Andrew Claristidge and Richard d'Alpert - Recorded and mixed at Red Bull Studios Paris - Mastered by Marwan Danoun at Galaxy Studios - Photography by Pauline Ohanna - Artwork by La Claque + La Mverte facebookpage


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