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LOUISAHHH------MAELSTROM---TRACES-EP.jpg"Night Clubbing is a really special track - it captures the essence of Maelstrom and Louisahhh!!! together, at our best. Playing it out has been astounding because the crowd physically reacts, it’s been getting an incredible response. It’s a track about the individual experience of the nightlife, the feeling of walking in a back alley at 3 in the morning with other party animals, heading to the next club, until your feet can’t take you anywhere. The kind of moments when you think you’re invincible, and when the very notion of time disappears.

Rough and Tender has an aggressive groove that really gets under one’s skin, it feels dark and kind of unhinged. This song feels like the underdog of the two - it’s less obvious, pe-rhaps, but has a definite home in sweating, filthy warehouses and basements. Partying has always been somehow rebellious to both of us, a way of going against the tide, and this is what Rough & Tender embodies. A ferocious and subversive cry against whatever stops you from being who you truly are, and doing what you think you’re meant to." Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom


Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom, Traces Ep tracklist:

1. Night Clubbing 5'17

2. Rough & Tender 4'59


Published by Savoir Faire ℗ 2014 Savoir Faire - Bromance © 2014 Savoir Faire  / Digital release : March 17th 2014 / Artwork by SM Bousille / Mastered by Masterdisk Europe /bromancerecords.com /

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