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"From a young age Marz Leon did everything on her own, a true "Loner". Music has always been a part of her journey and a means of escapism to express herself. At 14, Marz started writing songs of her own and enrolled in college courses for engineering and beat making. Perpetually curious, she takes anything she wants to learn and does it. That fierce sense of independence and self-expression is reflected in both Marz's music and her style, the crown that she wears and made herself being the pinnacle. 

Just a few weeks ago, Marz shared her debut single "Loner," a dark and contemplative track showcasing Marz's sultry vocals and penchant for songwriting. Premiered with Pigeons & Planes , Loner was co-produced with Mike Dez. Today she shares the official video for the single with Jay-Z's life + Times.  Directed by Aris Jerome, the video was filmed in Los Angeles and follows a day in the life of Marz. "I spend most of my days alone when I'm not working nor creating. So I wanted to show others a day in the life in a Loner's eye," Marz says. Stay tuned for more from Marz  as her 
upcoming seven track EP drops later this summer." + via the official pages :

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