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MIAMI-HORRIR-real-slow.jpgMiami Horror has officially returned with a new single 'Real Slow,' which premiered with Triple J and is nothing short of a sun-soaked electropop confection. According to band's producer Benjamin Plant, "'Real Slow' was written around similar experiences that Aaron [Shanahan] and I were having at the time. It's about finding that place or person were you feel secure enough to take things slowly. We wanted to write a song that is more than just a concept, we wanted to write about something we were actually experiencing rather than something imagined. We wanted to see how that emotion translated into our music. I've never been a huge fan of listening to songs about love, no matter how painful or joyous they are, they can seem mediocre, but once you have those experiences for yourself then suddenly, all those songs make sense and become something you can really feel."

'Real Slow' is available today Neon Gold Records with a double A-side 7" to follow on the label in the fall. This October, the band also sets out on a string of North and South America tour dates, including a few shows with fellow Aussies and friends Gold Fields.

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Vocals by Sarah Chernoff and Aaron Shanahan / Cover Design by Rohan Newman / Produced by Miami Horror / Mixed by Cassian Stewart- Kasimba & Benjamin Plant / Mastered by Cassian Stewart-Kasimba

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