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Monitor 66 - Vitae / the first solo EP, released by House of Disco Records.

" Vitae (Hannes Rehnström & Hannes Forsman from Stockholm, Sweden) starts with the title track, which firmly re-enforces their manifesto of making music for sunsets. Bit's haunting vocals are given a different context with some invigorating melodies and bright positive basslines. Next up is 'Virago', a slightly more sultry affair featuring some rebuilt but familiar vocals that progressively open up as if bearing their soul and plenty of shifts and depth to keep sneakers on the dancefloor. Third on the EP is their most house orientated track to date. Hi hats keep the tempo as this one gets a little deeper, again their vocal treatments are a signature of their sound but this time with a more 90's feel. Finally we have 'Cur' featuring Oh Deer. A truely unique end to the EP this track plays out like a love story, a fitting sunset to an accomplished and long awaited solo EP from the two young swedes."(c) House of disco records

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A1 - Monitor 66 feat Bit - Vitae
A2 - Monitor 66 - Virago snippet 
B1 - Monitor 66 - Nyx snippet
B2 - Monitor 66 feat Oh Deer - Cur snippet

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