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Set in a fictional futuristic world, the video for "Can You Hear Me" stars Singtank's Joséphine and Alexandre de La Baume in looks from Gareth Pugh, Iris van Herpen, and Comme des Garcons. Directed by Joséphine de La Baume and Nova Dando and styled by Valentine Fillol-Cordier, this is the fourth installment in SSENSE and System Magazine's new video series. + via

"The song is about a man singing to his lost love. You realize at the end of the song his lover has died but he remembers her in a happy and hopeful and beautiful way. She is still a part of his lfe in a way and he still talks to her. The story of the music video is a metaphor for the way you feel when you get that phone call when someone has passed and your whole world shatters. The next record is about urban loneliness, digital dependence, love and lost sorrows, so we set the video in a retro futuristic environment where nostalgia is mixed with roughness, where loneliness and chaos are emphasized, but with hope and poetry."  josephine de la Baume 

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