by ARCSTREET.COM February 12 2015, 09:30 MUSIC - TRACKS


"The first new Space Daze release since Summer’s debut album ‘Follow My Light Back Home’ sees a group of Danny Rowland’s talented friends remixing and crafting their own versions of four highlights from the album. ‘Phases’ features remixes and covers from Tiny Fireflies (Lisle and Kristine from the Chicago-based indiepop-band Very Truly Yours), The Very Most (Idaho), Shiny Times (Kim Weldin from dreamy surf band Tape Waves) and French act Watoo Watoo, who recently released the album ‘Une Si Longue Attente’. As Danny begins work on a follow up Seapony record, this is another super slice of dreamy pop to lose control to." + via the official page

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