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CHAMPS brothers, Michael and David Champion are poised to release their new album ‘VAMALA’ in feb 23, twelve tracks that weave an emotive path through the brother’s personal and collective environment. ‘VAMALA’ has more than just the songs, and so much more in terms of the huge leap from first (and its understated beauty) to second album, the brother’s resolve, their decamping to London, the use of producer Dimitri Tikovoi and their self belief in the new songs. Lead single ‘Desire’, it’s plaintive entrance giving way to up-tempo pop song that sets out their intentions from the off. ‘VAMALA’ has a richness and depth that surpasses its predecessor, the sparse backdrop of ‘Forever Be Standing At The Door’, the stripped back folk beauty of ‘Roll Me Out’ through to the punchier, anthemic feel of ‘Blood’, the lovelorn poignancy of ‘Balfron Tower’ all topped with the pop suss of title track ‘Vamala’. Recorded in North London in late summer 2014, ‘VAMALA’ is rooted in love – not just for people but their surroundings, a soundtrack encapsulating lives that traverse city and rural life, love and heartbreak…‘VAMALA’, released through Play It Again Sam - will be available on CD, vinyl and digitally through all discerning outlets.

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‘VAMALA’ playlist: 01. Desire 02. Sophia 03.Running 04.Forever Be Upstanding At The Door 05. Send Me Down 06. 3000 The Devil’s Carnival Miles 07. Vamala 08. The Balfron Tower 09. Blood 10. Down (Alone On The Avenue) 11. Roll Me Out 12. The Devil’s Carnival

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