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"The L.A. based duo Sego sets the rhythm with their first EP 'Wicket Youth' released through Kitsuné on October 27th. Native of Utah and now Los Angeles residents, Sego’s band members, Spencer and Thomas' live journey has taken them from rural simplicity to urban complexity. Small-town boys living in the big city, they are equally drawn to both cutting edge and the timeless, refusing to surrender flesh-and-blood humanity in and increasingly digitized and technologically driven world. For their first release, out on Kitsuné Oct 27th, the duo reveals 5 original tracks that will give you a fantastic electric feeling. Intoxicating melodies, spiky guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms build an addictive tension, resulting from the band’s search for synthesis and balance among competing and contradictory inspirations and urges. With memorable gigs, Sego is like the perfect L.A. soundtrack right now. Fall under the spell straight away with the opening track "20 Years Tall" and its DFA sound, which you will also hear on the  Kitsuné Maison 16 compilation that you can find/listen here". 


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