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WOOD.b-Handmade-Wooden-Bike--BY-BSG-BIKES.jpg"WOOD.b is an urban bike made in France. The choice of the wood and the steel for the frame design was very important for us. We used high quality materials to create an exclusive bike in its design, but not in its use.
A portion of the frame is constructed using ash plywood, forming the architectural structure to which are then added high quality Columbus brand steel (stays and fork) compatible with standard bicycle components.

The design for WOOD.b is revealed by the concept of assembling steel elements around a wooden frame. This permits a complete customization of the bike. The interest of wood and steel is to be recyclable materials. The use of ash plywood allows a better solidity in regard to massive wood, while keeping a certain flexibility. The ash is also a very common wood in Europe, what is an advantage in term of production and environmental impact.

The Crmo steel is well known for its capacity to weaken harshness of road or ground. The harmony of wood and steel allows the WOOD.b to be solid, comfortable and dynamic! Components used are standard bicycle components that meet European quality standards allowing for easy at-home repair or maintenance by your local bicycle shop.
WOOD.b Handmade Wooden Bike BY BSG BIKES (3)
WOOD.b is planned, for the moment, in four different versions, however the principle of construction of the bikes stays the same in each cases. The differences are in the choice of the group of speeds and braking.
This permits a complete customization of the bike. WOOD.b is a bike made on demand to guarantee a high quality product and also to answer every request of our customers in term of colors and accessories. We wish to keep this handcraft manufacturing and assembly of our bikes because it is for us the way to keep exceptional know-how of craftsmen we work with. Each WOOD.b is unique, it is realized for you and with you. WOOD.b is internationally patented.

BSG was founded by Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos, from the design studio Boltz & Saos based in Strasbourg, France.


Model on pictures - DUOMATIC :

Specifications :

Frame : COLUMBUS Zona and ash plywood
Handlebar : Aluminium (wooden handelbar in option)
Brakes : Rear coaster brake
Gear : Duomatic STURMEY ARCHER
Wheels : 28 inch aluminium, double wall
Tires : SCHWALBE Big Apple
Mudguards : CURANA (wooden mudguards in option)
Saddle : BROOKS leather
Size : Frame 22"; wheels 28 inch
Weight : 15,8 Kg

photography : © byspielplatz. 2013.


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