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Canblaster, Xmas Piano Mixtape / Winter in Japan, tracklist :

(Additional Pianos by Canblaster recorded at "Studio Grande Arche" in Paris.)


Yoko Kano - Piano Solo (live)/
The Seatbelts - Green Bird/
Travis Scott - Hell of a Night/
K.Michelle - Acura Integurl/
The Seatbelts - ELM/
Fox Capture Plan -
Nujabes - Flowers/
Nujabes - Mystline/
Yusuke Hirado - No More Sadness/
Nujabes - Mystline (GHETTO SANTA REMIX)/
Outkast - Roses/
???? (dj Slow Special selection)/
Sam Tiba - Things Life (feat. Canblaster)/
Raheem DeVaughn - You/
Fox Capture Plan - Trinity/
Jay Chow - Rice Fields/
Jazztronik - Someday (Etude for the Right)/
Yusuke Hirado - No More Sadness (reprise)/
Alison Valentine - Love Song (Produced by Para One & Canblaster) -Piano Cover- + Outkast - Where are my panties /
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives/
Gladys Knight - Grandma's Hands/
Pase Rock - Old Light(voices from 93 million miles away remix)/
Sam Tiba & Prince - U lookin For a title and all u think about is that other person so u name it me & her / Have a Heart (Live in Osaka 89')/
Prince - One Night Alone/
Matsuzawa Yumi - Snow -Game Size/
Francesco Tristano - Strings of Life/
Jazztronik - Samurai/
dj TAKA - Abyss/
Nujabes - Another Reflection/
Canblaster - Theme from REI AYANAMI/
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Before Long/
Nova Nova - Bewildered (Piano mix) / Canblaster - Jetpack/
Yoko Kano & The Seatbelts - Memory/
Canblaster - I Think About U/

BONUS TRACK : Keith Jarrett - Osaka, November 8, 1976, Part 1/



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